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Last Updated: 26th November 2020

Find here list of Face Pack in India with price. You can browse 122 Face Pack from best brands like Biotique, Patanjali, VLCC, Lotus Herbals, TRESemme, Alba Botanica, Shopimoz, Vihado, Whinsy, Daiso, Decleor, Haircare and other leading brands. Get the best offers, latest deals, discount on Face Pack from top online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Tata CliQ, Paytm Mall & many more.

Face Pack

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Face Pack Price in India (November 2020)

Face Pack Products List Price
Lotus Herbals Black Clay Skin Whitening Face Pack (Clay White, 60GM) ₹ 171
TRESemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque (300ML) ₹ 785
Lotus Herbals Frujuvenate Skin Fruit Pack (60GM) ₹ 153
Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening Facial Foam (50GM, Pack of 2) ₹ 250
VLCC Ayurveda Multani Mitti Face Pack (50ML, Pack of 4) ₹ 120
Patanjali Aloe Vera Multani Mitti Pack (60GM, Pack of 3) ₹ 175
Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening Facial Foam (100GM) ₹ 121
Patanjali Multani Mitti Face Pack (120GM, Pack of 2) ₹ 170
TRESemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque (180ML) ₹ 994
Lotus Herbals Radiant Diamond Facial Kit (170GM, Pack of 4) ₹ 1,220
Face Pack price list last updated on 26th November 2020

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What are Face packs?

Face packs are essentially a cosmetic preparation which has a texture which can easily be used to spread across your face and left for sometime, and then washed off gently. This cosmetic preparation helps cleanse your skin and improve on its condition as well.

Types of Face Packs

There are different kinds of Face Packs, suitable for different skin types, each of which serves different skin problems and conditions.

Cream Packs/Masks:

This type of face pack, is ideal to use for Normal and Dry skin types. Cream masks, are enriched with moisturisers and oils which go deeply into your skin to repair damaged skin cells. Cream packs provide good hydration for your skin and helps in making your skin healthier and smoother. Ingredients like natural butters and essential oils help enhance your skin care routine, through cream masks. These benefits help greatly with Normal and Dry Skin types, to rejuvenate and improve on their skin condition.

Clay Packs/Masks:

This type of face mask or pack is ideal to use for acne-prone or oily skin types. Clay packs and masks help balance out the oil in your skin by cleansing it deeply and getting rid of all the dust and dirt in it. Clay face packs and Masks also help tackle blackheads and blemishes.

Gel Masks:

These are Face masks that are well suited for sensitive and dehydrated skin types. They have a gentle texture and are lightweight in nature, which helps gently cleanse and calm your skin. These face masks also help in tightening your skin and with refreshing ingredients such as cucumber and green tea, these masks nourish your skin deeply.

Sheet Masks:

These masks, are suitable to use for all skin types. They are very efficient and easy to use. This is the ideal type of face pack/mask that you can use on a day you want to sit back and relax. You can peel it off, a short while after applying it on your skin. It is lightweight and starts showing its cooling effects very soon. Exfoliating Packs/Masks: These types of masks constitute ingredients that are efficient exfoliators and help cleanse your skin well. Exfoliation is imperative for healthy skin, as it helps clear out dead skin cells and unclog your pores. Natural ingredients such as papaya or pineapple fruit enzymes, are helpful agents of exfoliation.

Ayurvedic Face Packs:

This type of face pack, is made with a natural and lovely blend of Ayurvedic ingredients, which help cater to your skin needs, with nature’s love and care. Ayurveda is something that has been practised for centuries now, and is something still spreading rapidly. These face packs, help address the needs of different skin types and problems

Thermal Face packs:

These face packs/masks are ideal to use for maturing and ageing skin. These constitute, ingredients that generate heat on their own, when exposed to air, water, and enhance the cleansing effect for your skin.

How do Face Packs work?

You either have premixes of Face packs available in powder or liquid form. The application of both vary, due to the difference in texture they have. For powdered face packs, you need to blend it with a binding agent such as- water, rose water, aloe vera gel or in some cases even curd, to make the powder turn into a paste, which you can apply on your face. In the case of liquid packs, their application is direct on the basis of the required quantity mentioned in the particular brand’s instructions. The application of all types, has to be evenly spread out on your face, using a gentle or soft bristled brush or your fingertips.

Once you apply the paste across your face like a thin layer spread out, you simply leave it on for a given period of time (varies of pack to pack and brand to brand). Once the pack dries or in some cases reaches its required time limit of application, you gently cleanse/remove it with water. Hardened face packs, should first be gently dabbed with water (using a soft towel or tissue), cleansed gently and then removed off your face like face wash is. Post removal, you should ideally apply moisturiser or toner on your skin, to hydrate it and rejuvenate it. This entire process, helps you improve on your skin, and intensively nourish it.

Benefits of Face Packs


Applying facepacks can prove to be a therapeutic experience as well. Face masks or packs help you unwind and give your skin the cooling and gentle care it needs. Sitting back and savouring the feel and aromas through the process can be a task that helps you unwind, blissfully.

Deep Cleansing:

We cleanse our faces on a regular basis with our face washes and foams, but applying a face pack can be a very different level of cleansing your skin needs every now and then. Face packs provide your skin with intensive cleansing by removing dirt and all sorts of impurities from your pores, which overall helps your skin detox from all the external damage and dirt it experiences closely.

Skin Glow:

Face packs and masks are very beneficial in helping stimulate your blood circulation. The hardening of packs on your face followed by the cleanse after, can help refresh your skin, and rejuvenate its tone as well. Face packs, prove to be very active agents in helping your skin regain its glow and enhance it as well.

Unclogging Pores:

Face packs help remove the build up for dead skins that are present on your skin, very efficiently. The intensive cleanse they help your skin get, ensure deep cleansing of your pores, and unclogging all the dust and dirt stored in them, Since Face packs are supposed to stay on for a while, the process of cleansing becomes intensive.

Top Face Pack brands

L’Oreal Paris:

L’Oreal Paris, is a brand which provides a wide range of high quality skin care products,which are very helpful in improving your skin condition and in solving certain needs. Their collection of Face packs and masks will provide your skin with utmost nourishment and care.

Lotus Herbals:

Lotus Herbals embraces the philosophy of balancing Nature & Science while also committing to nature's wealth and richness. Their collection of Face Packs and masks, help you rejuvenate your skin with natural goodness.


This brand gives you refined products made with top notch natural ingredients. Biotique offers different face packs to you, made with the goodness of all good things found in nature.


Khadi offers 100% natural products, which help nourish your skin with nature’s purest! Their Face Packs, will help revitalise your skin with natural goodness and nourishment.


VLCC is a brand which has had years of trust attached to its quality of products. Consumer trust in them has built only due to their product and service quality which is of par excellence. Their range of face packs will leave your skin nourished, and you, satisfied.


This a brand which has carved its way into our lives with great Ayurvedic benefits and now immense trust in the same. Patanjali’s products will always help solve your problems with their natural goodness and carefully created solutions,

Top Online Retailers that sell Face Packs and other skin care products

Why step out to shop when you can get all essential information and delivery at your doorstep? Browse through the array of products online on user-friendly platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. Online shopping for Face Packs can be a fun an informative task as you can easily review products price list online, and make your choice of purchase by comparison and suitable needs.


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