Hair Conditioner Price List in India

Last Updated: 23rd April 2024

A compilation of all popular Hair Conditioner aggregated here for your convenience to shop from. The best deals on all Hair Conditioner brands in India assorted right here for you. Most popular Hair Conditioner with price list, rating and reviews, top specs of the Hair Conditioner all right here for you to buy the best Hair Conditioner at the best price online. Pick from this selection of the best Hair Conditioner using filters to reach your best Hair Conditioner be it basis price, brand, types, features, flavour. Price comparisons feature comparisons and more such help available in a few clicks. So if its time to buy your next Hair Conditioner then use this best and popular Hair Conditioner list which contains of all brand Hair Conditioner price list in India that has 871 as on 23rd Apr 2024. With all the Hair Conditioner now available online they are mostly available at different price points so make sure you do your valid latest Hair Conditioner price list and feature comparison before making a Hair Conditioner purchase online.

Hair Conditioner Price List in India

871 Results Available For Hair Conditioner Price In India

Hair Conditioner Price in India 2024

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Hair Conditioner Price List in India on 23rd April 2024

Hair Conditioner Products List Price
TRESemme Keratin Smooth With Keratina And Argan Oil Conditioner (190ML) ₹ 218
Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner (180ML) ₹ 167
TRESemme Smooth And Shine Conditioner (190ML) ₹ 156
Dove Nutritive Solution Intense Repair Conditioner (340ML) ₹ 326
Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner (340ML) ₹ 250
Himalaya Furglow Oral Coat Pet Conditioner (400ML) ₹ 437
Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Shine Conditioner (340ML) ₹ 342
Himalaya Gentle Daily Care Protein Conditioner (200ML) ₹ 145
Patanjali Kesh Kanti Damage Control Hair Conditioner (100GM, Pack of 2) ₹ 114
The Body Shop Banana Conditioner (250ML) ₹ 556
Hair Conditioner price list last updated on 23rd April 2024

Hair Conditioner Price in India

Hunting for the best Hair Conditioner deals online? We have sorted the best deals in town for your help to easily and quickly pick your next Hair Conditioner from the list of best Hair Conditioner in India. The best Hair Conditioner brands with the Hair Conditioner price list across all types of Hair Conditioner at your disposal to help you pick the most popular Hair Conditioner in a jiffy. With updated prices, discounts and offers you can be sure of not missing any latest deal or offer. Compare Hair Conditioner prices, features, specifications and pick your selected Hair Conditioner today using the best deals and offers. Using your customized permutation combinations you can shortlist the list to reach your choice of the latest and the best Hair Conditioner models, its easy to even drill down to the latest Hair Conditioner model or the best Hair Conditioner at lowest prices using these filters we provide.

What are Hair Conditioners?

Hair Conditioner is an essential hair care product which is used to help make hair more manageable, improve on their texture and appearance. Hair conditioners, primarily help reduce friction within the hair, between strands in order to get a smoother feel and stylish appearance. Their application is mostly after the application and rinsing of shampoo. 

Types of Hair Conditioners-

Hair Pack:

Pack conditioners have a thick texture and are heavy in nature. They contain surfactants which help in binding the hair. These conditioners are applied for a longer period of time

Leave-in Conditioners:

Leave-in conditioners are thin textured. The structure of this type of conditioner is bent (due to unsaturated fatty acid chains), a shape which makes the mixture lighter to use and does not let it crystallise. This leaves behind a thinner layer on the hair. It helps prevent hair tangling and makes the hair smoother.

Ordinary Conditioners:

Ordinary conditioners combine different key aspects of pack and leave-in conditioners. These conditioners are mostly applied directly after using shampoo. These types of conditioners are often created in accordance with a particular shampoo, as a pair the two products work hand in hand to improve hair quality and texture.

Hold Conditioners:

Hold conditioners, help hold the hair in a desired shape. This helps with styling your hair a certain way you like. They constitute similar components like hair gels.

Cleansing Conditioners:

This type of conditioner acts as a combination of a shampoo and conditioner. It cleanses your hair while simultaneously conditioning it thoroughly. 

How do Hair Conditioners work?

Our hair has a very essential component in it- Keratin. Keratin is a protein which is predominant in hair. Shampoos and conditioners are created to act as a combination of hair cleansers, keeping in mind composition of substances like Keratin. The two hair products act on chemistry; shampoo is alkaline in nature, and it's use enhances upon the negative charge in our hair. Conditioners on the other hand is acidic in nature and its use helps in creating a positive charge. Hair is essentially a cuticle layer and on this layer there are flakes that lie on a strand of hair. More negative charge causes the flakes to lift up which is what causes our hair to look frizzy and dull. The positive charge helps flatten the cuticles and acts as a counteracting agent to the shampoo. Conditioners are hence an imperative hair product which helps balance the hair condition and makes it more manageable. It is hence mostly used post the use of shampoo. 

Benefits of Hair Conditioners

Hair conditioners go hand in hand with shampoos and it is imperative to use the right product for your hair in order to improve its nourishment and texture. Using hair conditioners have several benefits that make it the important part of the hair care routine, it is. 

  • Increases Hair softness
  • Reduces hair tangling
  • Reduces fading of hair colour
  • Reduces frizz
  • Protects from hair damage
  • Helps retain moisture
  • Top Hair Conditioner brands- 


TRESemmé works specifically on hair products, like shampoos and conditioners, but the array of products they offer within these categories are of a vast variety, aiming to serve different purposes. Each shampoo has been created with a corresponding conditioner, which paired together help attain successful results for your hair. The brand is driven by a simple yet solid moto- every woman deserves to feel look and feel fabulous


Dove products are made with care, to care and nourish beauty and ideas stemming from it.  Dove’s fundamental ideas revolve around the right moisturisation, Dove today stands as a brand with a diverse product portfolio, each achieving a unique purpose effectively. Dove Hair conditioners go hand-in-hand with their shampoos, and effectively nourish and protect hair from damage. Dove’s hair care, is relied on by many, only due to moisturising care its products give your hair. 

The Body Shop:

The Body Shop, draws inspiration for its products from natural beauty products and puts their vision to action by using ethically sourced ingredients. The company has a strong policy of working and sourcing their materials through ethical means only. The Body Shop collection of hair conditioners and other hair care products adhere to the same philosophy, and give you products which constitute natural goodness, and moisturize your hair intensively, with trusted ingredients. 

Garnier Fructis:

Garnier has been an expert in hair and skin care since 1904. They blend naturally inspired ingredients with the right formula to give your hair the health and beauty they deserve. This concept of theirs, helps give your hair the perfect protection and care it needs. 

L'Oreal Paris:

L’Oreal offers a range of hair conditioners suited for all hair types and needs. Problems with coloured hair, dry hair or frizzy hair, L’Oreal offers a wide range of solutions suited for these needs. L’Oreal is a brand trusted by several people for their trusted service and quality, to which their range of hair conditioners is no exception. 


Pantene is known to create hair stronger inside, and shinier and healthier looking, outside. The brand offers a variety of conditioners suited for different hair types, providing solutions for different hair needs and problems. 


Sunsilk, is a brand that has been making hair care products for years and years now. They offer hair care products for different hair types and hair needs. Their products are full of vibrant colours and smells, all together making your hair care routine, a process of fun-filled nourishment. Sunsilk offers a variety of conditioners to give your hair the suitable protection it needs. 


Himalaya herbal care provides your body with herbal nourished products which help solve skin or hair related problems. Himalaya hair conditioners provide intensive conditioning for your hair to enhance their moisturisation. Himalaya conditioners help give your the right shine and protection from damage. 

Top Online Retailers that sell Hair Conditioners and other hair care products

Why step out to shop when you can get all essential information and delivery at your doorstep? Browse through the array of products online on user-friendly platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. Online shopping for Hair conditioners can be an informative task as you can easily review products price list online, and make your choice of purchase by comparison and suitable needs. 


Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, American company Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform (based on revenue and market capitalization). Fun fact—it originally started as an online bookstore, but as of today, it sells anything and everything under the sun. That’s groceries, gadgets, apparel, toys, cosmetics, sports equipment and more. Shop Himalaya products Amazon Flipkart Nykaa today. 


Founded by Indian brothers Sachin and Binny Bansal in 2007, Flipkart is an e-commerce company that sells consumer electronics, fashion and lifestyle products. As of 2019, it holds a 40% market share in the Indian e-commerce industry. It owns subsidiaries Myntra + Jabong (that sell apparel) and payments app PhonePe. You can order Himalaya products Flipkart Amazon Nykaa whenever you like.


Founded in Mumbai in 2012, Nykaa is a multi-brand beauty retailer that sells cosmetic + wellness products from the best cosmetic brands like Himalaya, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Avon and Himalaya, among other beauty brands. Online users often prefer Nykaa over Amazon and Flipkart when shopping for makeup, as it gives them a pre-selected range of cosmetic products to choose from. You can order all Himalaya products online on Nykaa Amazon Flipkart.

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