Multigrain Flour

Last Updated: 30th September 2020

Find here list of Multigrain Flour in India with price. You can browse 81 Multigrain Flour from best brands like Trinetra, Graminway, Patanjali, Pushtikar, bytewise organic, Healthy Batters, Organic SWAAD, AMWEL, Earthspired, EverHealth, LK Brand, Leanbeing and other leading brands. Get the best offers, latest deals, discount on Multigrain Flour from top online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Tata CliQ, Paytm Mall & many more.

Multigrain Flour

81 results available for Multigrain Flour In India

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Multigrain Flour Price List (September 2020)

Multigrain Flour Products List Price
Pillsbury Extra Nutrition Multigrain Flour (5KG) ₹ 245
Mother Organic 100% Organic Multigrain Flour (1KG) ₹ 240
NaturPro Gluten Free All Purpose Multigrain Flour (1KG, Pack of 3) ₹ 420
Organic Swaad Gluten Free Multigrain Chakki Flour (3KG) ₹ 649
Organic Delight Fibre Protein Minerals Multigrain Flour (1KG) ₹ 130
Patanjali Diabetic Multigrain Flour (1KG, Pack of 2) ₹ 240
Healthy Batters Super 7 Flour (500GM) ₹ 299
EverHealth High Protein Low Carb Multigrain Flour (1KG) ₹ 419
EverHealth High Protein Low Carb Multigrain Flour (500GM) ₹ 209
Troo Good Premium Multigrain Flour (1KG, Pack of 5) ₹ 325
Multigrain Flour price list last updated on 30th September 2020

What is multigrain flour?

Chapati is one of the important food items in most of the Indian households. Indians love having rotis and parathas that are generally made using wheat flour. And although wheat flour is a healthy choice, excess of it can lead to weight gain. This is why multi-grain flour is becoming the new go-to choice for many. This new alternative not only helps manage weight, but is also a richer source of nutrients.

Multigrain flour is made from two or more grains, and hence its nutritional value is more than that of single grain flour like wheat. Most of the time, multigrain flour includes jowar, bajra, and ragi, but these grains could also vary.

Super digestive, multi-grain flour also makes for delicious rotis and bread. Here are some top brands you can buy this healthy flour from.

NutriBarn Keto Diabetic Weight Loss Flour

With this flour from NutriBarn, you can make flawless parathas, puris, bread, brownies, cakes, and cookies. Net carbs in this flour makes it keto friendly, diabetic friendly and also helpful for people who want to lose weight. Protein in the flour fulfills your daily dose of protein and fiber in the flour helps in digestion.

Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Multigrain Atta

This multigrain atta is made from combining a bunch of whole grains. It helps boost digestive system. It also provides a blend of nutrients in each grain. The atta is entirely vegetarian.

Earthspired Special Multigrain Flour with Low Glycemic Index Ingredients 

This multigrain flour is best in controlling sugar levels and reducing the risk of heart diseases. The flour also provides essential nutrients. It is rich in calcium, iron, protein, and essential minerals. It is also great for taste and health.   

Goshudh Premium Natural Multigrain Atta / Flour

This multigrain flour is a healthy replacement to regular atta, as it is specially formulated with the mix of ten grains and millets. The atta is high in fibre and protein, and also helps in reducing cholesterol and controlling sugar. It is specially created for people who are interested in reducing the over-consumption of simple carbohydrates. It is also an excellent source of proteins and vitamins enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids.

24 Mantra Organic, 7 multigrain Atta

This atta from 24 Mantra Organic is 100% organic, and will help you in making fluffy, soft, and tasty chapattis. The atta is a good source of protein, essential amino acids, and dietary fiber as it is made with a unique combination of cereals, millets, and legumes. It is also grown without synthetic pesticides, or synthetic materials.

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