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Glucometer Strips

Last Updated: 10th August 2020

Find here list of Glucometer Strips in India with price. You can browse 156 Glucometer Strips from best brands like Dr. Morepen, OneTouch, Accu-Chek, SugarChek, On Call Plus, Bayer, Dr. Gene, Abbott, Apollo Sugar, Beato, Infopia, Truworth and other leading brands. Get the best offers, latest deals, discount on Glucometer Strips from top online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Tata CliQ, Paytm Mall & many more.

Glucometer Strips

156 results available for Glucometer Strips In India

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Glucometer Strips Price List (August 2020)

Glucometer Strips Products List Price
Accu-Chek Active Glucometer Strips (10 Strips) ₹ 1,579
Accu-Chek Instant Glucometer Strips (50 Strips) ₹ 949
Dr. Morepen Gluco One BG-03 Glucometer Strips (50 Strips) ₹ 690
Dr. Morepen Gluco One BG-03 Glucometer Strips (25 Strips) ₹ 399
Accu-Chek Active Glucometer Strips (50 Strips) ₹ 965
SugarChek Normal Glucometer Strips (150 Strips) ₹ 1,550
Dr. Granmed Safe AQ Glucometer Strips (50 Strips) ₹ 599
Accu-Chek Active Glucometer Strips (100 Strips) ₹ 1,499
Abbott Freestyle Optium Glucometer Strips (50 Strips) ₹ 679
Dr. Morepen Gluco One BG-03 Glucometer Strips (100 Strips) ₹ 1,299
Glucometer Strips price list last updated on 10th August 2020

Glucometer Strips:

It’s important to monitor your blood glucose level in order for you to control it. And that’s why diabetes test strips play an important role.Blood glucose test strips are small disposable plastic strips which, although may appear insignificant, play a very significant role when it comes to helping people living with diabetes to appropriately monitor and control the condition.Trying to save money by skipping a blood test is like trying to cut corners. Uncontrolled blood sugar could lead to complications that will require more expensive treatments and medications in the long run.

Blood glucose test strips or diabetes test strips are an important element of blood glucose testing. These small disposable strips of plastic might look inconsequential but they deliver a very significant part in serving people with diabetes to monitor and control their diabetes. In the enormous majority of cases, for each meter will take one type of test strip only. There are some blood glucose meters that take blood ketone strips as well, to test for ketone levels.

Best Glucometer Strip Brands


Accu-Chek Active 100 strips used in the Accu-Chek Active Glucose Meter to check the glucose level. Usually, it is used by people with diabetes at home and healthcare professionals to measure diabetes. Use these strips on the fingertip, palm, and forearm for accurate results.


The one touch select test strips are used with the one touch select simple blood glucose monitoring system for the quantitative measurement of glucose (sugar) in fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn from the fingertips. The one touch select blood glucose monitoring system is intended to be used by a single patient and should not be shared.

Dr. Morepen

Dr Morepen bg03 strips when used with Dr Morepen gluco one bg03, measures concentration of blood glucose by self testing for both professional and home use. Routine blood glucose sugar testing with Dr Morepen bg03 strips can provide you with information on how your treatment program affects your blood glucose level. Testing blood glucose frequently can help keep your diabetes under control. Dr Morepen bg03 strips require only a tiny drop of blood.

Benefits of glucometer strips

  • Accurate number
  • Easy handling
  • Clever functionality
  • Build in safety features
  • Easy-edge test strip

Top Online Stores That Sell Glucometer Strips


At Amazon, you can find the best Glucometer Strips from various renowned brands like Accu-Chek,Dr. Morepen,OneTouch and more at best prices..


Flipkart is another online shopping portal where you can shop for the best Glucometer Strips at best prices. Here you can shop for the Glucometer Strips from top brands like Accu-Chek,Dr. Morepen,OneTouch and many more. You can rely on Flipkart and their ratings as they provides best range of products at best and market competitive prices.

Paytm Mall

Love getting cashbacks on every checkout? Paytm Mall is that place where you can shop for the best range of Glucometer Strips from the top renowned brands like Accu-Chek,Dr. Morepen,OneTouch and many more. Paytm Mall bring you alluring cashback offers on Glucometer Strips so that you can shop these health essential at best possible price without making a hole in your pocket.


At Snapdeal you can find a wide range of products from a wide range of categories at best prices. Glucometer Strips are trending these days to maintain a good health . Snapdeals offers competitive prices on various brands like Accu-Chek,Dr. Morepen,OneTouch and many more.


Shopclues is another online portal where you can shop for best Glucometer Strips online at best prices. Find top brands like Accu-Chek,Dr. Morepen,OneTouch and many more at best prices.

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