Health and Wellness Price List in India

Last Updated: 25th April 2024

A compilation of all popular Health and Wellness aggregated here for your convenience to shop from. The best deals on all Health and Wellness brands in India assorted right here for you. Most popular Health and Wellness with price list, rating and reviews, top specs of the Health and Wellness all right here for you to buy the best Health and Wellness at the best price online. Pick from this selection of the best Health and Wellness using filters to reach your best Health and Wellness be it basis price, brand, types, features, flavour. Price comparisons feature comparisons and more such help available in a few clicks. So if its time to buy your next Health and Wellness then use this best and popular Health and Wellness list which contains of all brand Health and Wellness price list in India that has 662 as on 25th Apr 2024. With all the Health and Wellness now available online they are mostly available at different price points so make sure you do your valid latest Health and Wellness price list and feature comparison before making a Health and Wellness purchase online.

Health and Wellness Price List in India

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Health and Wellness Price in India 2024

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Health and Wellness Price List in India on 25th April 2024

Health and Wellness Products List Price
Dabur Himalayan Apple Cider Vinegar (500ML) ₹ 270
Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsules (20 Capsules) ₹ 220
HealthKart Fish Oil Capsules (60 PCS) ₹ 355
Himalaya Wellness Gokshura Tablets (60 PCS) ₹ 138
Himalaya Tentex Forte Tablets (10 PCS, Pack of 10) ₹ 809
Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Cough And Cold Remedy (100GM, Pack of 30) ₹ 270
Himalaya Hadjod Tablets (60 PCS) ₹ 213
Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsules (10 Capsules) ₹ 189
Himalaya Reosto Tablets (30 PCS, Pack of 2) ₹ 360
Himalaya Wellness Shatavari Womens Tablets (60 PCS) ₹ 119
Health and Wellness price list last updated on 25th April 2024

Health and Wellness Price in India

Hunting for the best Health and Wellness deals online? We have sorted the best deals in town for your help to easily and quickly pick your next Health and Wellne from the list of best Health and Wellness in India. The best Health and Wellness brands with the Health and Wellness price list across all types of Health and Wellness at your disposal to help you pick the most popular Health and Wellness in a jiffy. With updated prices, discounts and offers you can be sure of not missing any latest deal or offer. Compare Health and Wellness prices, features, specifications and pick your selected Health and Wellness today using the best deals and offers. Using your customized permutation combinations you can shortlist the list to reach your choice of the latest and the best Health and Wellness models, its easy to even drill down to the latest Health and Wellness model or the best Health and Wellness at lowest prices using these filters we provide.

Health and Nutrition Products:

Nutrition is the science that interprets interaction of nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and disease of a human being. Intaking proper nutrition includes food intake, absorption of the right amount of nutrients. The diet consumed by a person is constituted of what he eats, largely determined by availability of foods. For an organism a healthy diet includes preparation of food and storage of it, to preserve it and reduce risk of any kind of illness.

A human body needs the right amount of nutrients to survive and an unhealthy diet can lead to deficiency diseases. For the proper consumption of nutrients and keeping our health intact, several multinational and different companies have developed products for ensuring the right amount of nutrient consumption and absorption as well as products that maintain our health, and keep us fit. If our body consumes all the right nutrients, it helps us fight all sorts of health hazards from obesity to cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of health and nutrition products:

Healthy eating is a way of living that constitutes of providing you with energy that keeps you active throughout the day, provides you with nutrients that your body needs for growth and repair, helping you stay strong and healthy and prevents all diet-related illness, such as various chronic as well as acute diseases. When you stay active and eat a healthy balanced diet, it also helps you maintain a healthy weight, deficiency of certain essential vitamins and minerals in body can be overcome by consuming all nutrition supplements which help in strengthening your immune system and keep you healthy and fit.

Types of Health and Nutrition products:

Protein Bars:

The protein bars ensure you get complete protein and other essential nutrients in your system, the bars are usually baked with no-added sugar, and this protein supplement is something that can be consumed anywhere, anytime because the product is handy, easily accessible and available. It's the perfect snack when you don't wish to cook a meal, Protein bars ensures you get all the essential nutrients for 4-5 hours, keeping you full.


The capsules help in direct consumption and make an effect on the body internally and directly, when they're consumed regularly, capsules aid in better results which can be effectively seen on the body, making you more fit, healthy and stronger providing your body with all the essential nutrients. Capsules again is one product which is easily accessible on e-commerce websites and market.


Powders are usually considered superior to any other form of nutrient intake, these supplements help in muscle building, staying fit, healthy and leads to higher muscle gain also improves immunity and keeps you full and feeling healthy for hours. Powders also ensure in recovery of muscles faster.

Top brands of health and nutrition products:


The brand  was founded in 2012, known for its authenticity, quality & cutting edge performance at an honest price, The brand provides its customers a genuine supplement, for sports products, it continues to delight the customer with better tasting products, it has become consumer's favourite and is currently leading the market in their sports supplement category. They ensure strict adherence to certain principles, including having the purest ingredients driven by the desire to exceed expectations and making sure the quality of products doesn't end at procuring the finest raw materials.

Muscletetch Nitro Tech:

Muscletech, a dietary supplement brand is marketed by Iovate Health Sciences which also includes Hydroxycut. The brand was formerly owned by a Canadian Company and was further acquired by the Xiwang Foodstuff Company. Muscletech products specialise in providing health and fitness enthusiasts the best products, to enhance their health and maximise energy pre and post workout. Muscletech products list is divided on certain indicators which includes performance, pre and post workout, essentials etc. The brand has made sure to customise their products on the basis of best suited for certain people.


HealthKart founded in March 2011, by Sameer Maheshwari and Prashant Tandon formed on the grounds of giving simple, effective solutions to fitness and health enthusiasts, the online portal started as a start-up, with only 4 members, but now are known in the market of their quality products in the healthcare sector. HealthKart is an online portal made for people to help them find, compare and buy health products. HealthKart has been considered one of the largest range of genuine health products, across categories.

Herbal life:

Herbal life nutrition is a global multi-level marketing corporation  founded by Mark Hughes in 1980, that  develops, markets and sells dietary supplements, helps in managing weight, provides nutrition for all sports activities and also has a range of personal care products. Herballife products are known for their top notch quality product service from the past 20 years and are established in the market with the motto to live healthy.


One of the leading health supplements company in the market, specializes in providing products for general nutrition, sports nutrition and a different customised premiere gym series for all the fitness enthusiasts. Endura has their product list in the form of capsules, powder, protein bars and other dietary edible snack like components.


The American multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty and home care products. The company was founded in 1959,  and specialises in providing essential supplements, foundational, lifestyle speciality supplements and other natural supplements as well. Their products are available in a variety of formats including energy drinks, capsules and powder format.

Top Online Stores That Sell Health and Nutrition Products


At Amazon, you can find the best health and nutrition products from various renowned brands like Amway, HealthKart, Muscleblaze, Muscletech Nitrotech,Endura and more at best prices. Shopping for the best health and nutrition products is must to stay fit and healthy and ensure your body gets all the right nutrients.


Flipkart is another online shopping portal where you can shop for the best Health and nutrition products at best prices. Here you can shop for the health and nutrition products from top brands like Amway, Muscleblaze, Muscletech Nitrotech, Herballife, Amway and many more. You can rely on Flipkart and their ratings as they provides best range of products at best and market competitive prices.

Paytm Mall

Love getting cashbacks on every checkout? Paytm Mall is that place where you can shop for the best range of Health and Nutrition products from the top renowned brands like Amway, Muscleblaze, Muscletech nitrotech, Herballife, Endura and many more. Paytm Mall bring you alluring cashback offers on health and nutrition products so that you can shop these health essentials at the best price.


At Snapdeal you can find a wide range of products from a wide range of categories at best prices. Snapdeals offers competitive prices on various brands for health and nutrition products  like Amway, Muscleblaze, Endura, HealthKart, Herballife and many more.


Shopclues is another online portal where you can shop for best health and nutrition products online at best prices. Find top brands like Amway, HealthKart, Herbal life, Muscleblaze and many more at best prices.

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