Eye Care Price List in India

Last Updated: 14th July 2024

A compilation of all popular Eye Care aggregated here for your convenience to shop from. The best deals on all Eye Care brands in India assorted right here for you. Most popular Eye Care with price list, rating and reviews, top specs of the Eye Care all right here for you to buy the best Eye Care at the best price online. Pick from this selection of the best Eye Care using filters to reach your best Eye Care be it basis price, brand, types, features, flavour. Price comparisons feature comparisons and more such help available in a few clicks. So if its time to buy your next Eye Care then use this best and popular Eye Care list which contains of all brand Eye Care price list in India that has 738 as on 14th Jul 2024. With all the Eye Care now available online they are mostly available at different price points so make sure you do your valid latest Eye Care price list and feature comparison before making a Eye Care purchase online.

Eye Care Price List in India

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Eye Care Price in India 2024

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Eye Care Price List in India on 14th July 2024

Eye Care Products List Price Discount
Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal (Black, 35GM) ₹ 119 40% off
Biotique Seaweed Anti Fatigue Eye Gel (15GM) ₹ 173 27% off
Lakme Deep Black Eyeconic Kajal (Black, 0.35MG) ₹ 159 20% off
Lakme Deep Black Eyeconic Kajal (Black, 0.35MG, Pack of 4) ₹ 340 17% off
Maybelline Colossal Pen Liner (Black, 2ML) ₹ 293 30% off
Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Night Revival Eye Creme (15GM) ₹ 594 15% off
Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte Gel LotionSPF 40 (7GM) ₹ 230 16% off
Biotique Bio Almond Eye Cream (15GM) ₹ 184 7% off
Lakme 9 To 5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel (50GM) ₹ 146 27% off
lakme Eyeconic Kajal (Black, 35GM, Pack of 2) ₹ 295 1% off
Eye Care price list last updated on 14th July 2024

Eye Care Price in India

Hunting for the best Eye Care deals online? We have sorted the best deals in town for your help to easily and quickly pick your next Eye Care from the list of best Eye Care in India. The best Eye Care brands with the Eye Care price list across all types of Eye Care at your disposal to help you pick the most popular Eye Care in a jiffy. With updated prices, discounts and offers you can be sure of not missing any latest deal or offer. Compare Eye Care prices, features, specifications and pick your selected Eye Care today using the best deals and offers. Using your customized permutation combinations you can shortlist the list to reach your choice of the latest and the best Eye Care models, its easy to even drill down to the latest Eye Care model or the best Eye Care at lowest prices using these filters we provide.

What are Eye Care products?

We talk about Hair Care and Skin Care so often, but Eye Care is a very essential need to be addressed as well. Our Eyes are a very sensitive part of our body, and while we love dressing up and applying makeup frequently, just like our skin, our eyes require immense care as well. To look out for your Eyes, and ensure their care there are various products that can be used, that will treat our eyes with care, and will make them a treat to look at! To ensure good care for your eyes, always be on the lookout for the right products, within makeup or otherwise, to keep your eyes’ health at a priority.

Types of Eye Care Products

Eye Creams:

Eye creams, are cosmetic creams applied around the eyes. Eye creams are essential to use for ageing skin types, as they help avoid wrinkles, which are a byproduct of old age.

Eye Masks:

Eye masks are also referred to as ‘sleep masks’. These masks are made of fabrics that cover both eyes, keeping light away from eyes. People often use these masks while going to sleep, as it provides a shield from light, and complete darkness which makes it easier to fall asleep. There a variety of eye masks available now, some created with Ayurvedic or soothing benefits, which give your eyes a cooling and relaxed effect.

Eye Serums:

Eye serums are used to address a number of issues such as- Under eye circles, minimise wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines and helps restore skin elasticity around the eye region.

Kohl/ Kajal:

Kohl or Kajal, is a cosmetic product which is essentially a black powder made from, lead sulphide and is used as eye makeup in Eastern countries. Eye Shadow: Eye shadow is a coloured cosmetic product which is applied on the eyelids and at times, on the skin around the eyes. This eye care product is used to enhance eye beauty, to accentuate the features. The variety of colours available in eye shadows, is now immense in number, all to make your eyes look the way you want, as per your choice and sense of style.

Eye Gel:

Eye Gel is created to reduce puffiness, lines and dark circles by providing vitamins and a good deal of moisturisation, your eyes need. Eye Gels also help with firming the skin around.

Eye Liner:

Eye liner is a cosmetic product applied on the eyelids or around the eyes to enhance their appearance. Eye liners were usually black in colour, but are now available in different colours as well.

How do Eye Care Products work?

Eye Care is a wide ranging topic, under which you can avail several products and a variety within each type as well, with all the brands nowadays. Each Eye Care product has a different and significant purpose it serves. The aforementioned types of Eye Care products, each have their own unique way to work, and treat our eyes. Eye Serums, creams and gels are used to treat potential skin (around the eye) related problems, while kohl, Eye shadow, Eye liner and Eye masks are luxury products for your eyes, to look and feel good.

All these products differ in terms of their application and how to carry it forward. Creams, gels and serums have to be applied and blended a certain way whereas, cosmetic products application varies from person to person in terms of preference and choice of look. Skin around the eyes is more susceptible to age related problems, due to it being as sensitive an area as it is. Therefore, Eye Care products act as protecting and also decorative agents to ensure your eyes and the area around them are accounted for more carefully. Eye Care products are made with more and active ingredients to ensure absolute care for your eyes.

Benefits of Eye Care products

Products like Eye creams are rich in emulsion and give your skin intensive hydration. Eye Gels, and creams provide your skin with proper moisturisation, which helps dodge age related problems such as wrinkles. Reduced under eye circles Reduced Wrinkles Radiating appearance Accentuated eye beauty Reduced fine lines Soothing effect for your skin around the eyes

Top Eye Care Product brands


Innisfree is the first natural brand from Korea and provides your body with pure energy from nature, with natural goodness in all their products. Their products regard health highly and are therefore very safe and good to use. The benefits of their products stem from the nature goodness from the Jeju Island, which is a pristine point. Innisfree Eye Care Products, provide deep hydration and proper nourishment.

Maybelline New York:

Maybelline New York provides affordable and beautiful cosmetic products. Maybelline New York eye care products range is vast and caters to cosmetic needs very well. Their Kajal and Eye Shadow are highly popular among the masses.


India’s first cosmetic brand, Lakme has been a beloved brand to use over the years. Lakme eye care offers a lovely range of products which give your eyes stylish and accentuated looks, brought to you with care. Lakme offers various products such as, Eye Shadows, Eye liners, Kajal, brow definers, and mascara.

L’Oreal Paris:

L’Oreal Paris, offers all types of Eye care products including Eye Masks, Eye Creams, Eye Liners, Eye Shadow, and Serums. L’Oreal helps you get the perfect look for every occasion with their wide array of products.

Lotus Herbals:

Lotus Herbals Product List comprises of ethically crafted products that are made with natural ingredients and NO chemical based, artificial or cruel animal tested ingredients. The brand's product quality is effective in use for personal care and is of excellent quality. Lotus Herbals has a variety of Eye makeup and Eye care options available.


Olay offers various collections of skin care products and the one for Eye care is called ‘Olay Eyes’. The portion of skin around the eyes, is the first to go through the process of ageing. The skin is delicate and requires utmost care while treating it. Olay Eye creams and Treatments are developed to help address these skin care problems including dark circles (or eye bags) to puffiness, crows feet and eye wrinkles.

Top Online Retailers that sell Eye Care and other skin care products

Why step out to shop when you can get all essential information and delivery at your doorstep? Browse through the array of products online on user-friendly platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. Online shopping for Eye Care products can be an informative task as you can easily review products price list online, and make your choice of purchase by comparison and suitable needs.


Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, American company Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform (based on revenue and market capitalization). Fun fact—it originally started as an online bookstore, but as of today, it sells anything and everything under the sun. That’s groceries, gadgets, apparel, toys, cosmetics, sports equipment and more. Shop Himalaya products Amazon Flipkart Nykaa today.


Founded by Indian brothers Sachin and Binny Bansal in 2007, Flipkart is an e-commerce company that sells consumer electronics, fashion and lifestyle products. As of 2019, it holds a 40% market share in the Indian e-commerce industry. It owns subsidiaries Myntra + Jabong (that sell apparel) and payments app PhonePe. You can order Himalaya products Flipkart Amazon Nykaa whenever you like.


Founded in Mumbai in 2012, Nykaa is a multi-brand beauty retailer that sells cosmetic + wellness products from the best cosmetic brands like Himalaya, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Avon and Himalaya, among other beauty brands. Online users often prefer Nykaa over Amazon and Flipkart when shopping for makeup, as it gives them a pre-selected range of cosmetic products to choose from. You can order all Himalaya products online on Nykaa Amazon Flipkart.

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