Face Scrub Price List in India

Last Updated: 15th June 2024

A compilation of all popular Face Scrub aggregated here for your convenience to shop from. The best deals on all Face Scrub brands in India assorted right here for you. Most popular Face Scrub with price list, rating and reviews, top specs of the Face Scrub all right here for you to buy the best Face Scrub at the best price online. Pick from this selection of the best Face Scrub using filters to reach your best Face Scrub be it basis price, brand, types, features, flavour. Price comparisons feature comparisons and more such help available in a few clicks. So if its time to buy your next Face Scrub then use this best and popular Face Scrub list which contains of all brand Face Scrub price list in India that has 187 as on 15th Jun 2024. With all the Face Scrub now available online they are mostly available at different price points so make sure you do your valid latest Face Scrub price list and feature comparison before making a Face Scrub purchase online.

Face Scrub Price List in India

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Face Scrub Price in India 2024

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Face Scrub Price List in India on 15th June 2024

Face Scrub Products List Price
Lotus Herbals Fresh Apricot Scrub (100GM) ₹ 188
Lotus Herbals Fresh Apricot Scrub (180GM) ₹ 243
VLCC Rose Face Scrub (100ML, Pack of 2) ₹ 144
VLCC Papaya & Apricot Scrub (80GM, Pack of 2) ₹ 171
VLCC Walnut Skin Defense Face Scrub (150ML) ₹ 175
VLCC Walnut Skin Defense Face Scrub (100ML) ₹ 153
Biotique Rice Water & Niacinamide Face Scrub ₹ 209
VLCC Indian Berberry Face Scrub (10ML) ₹ 212
Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Body Scrub (298GM) ₹ 559
VLCC Papaya & Apricot Scrub (160GM, Pack of 2) ₹ 157
Face Scrub price list last updated on 15th June 2024

Face Scrub Price in India

Hunting for the best Face Scrub deals online? We have sorted the best deals in town for your help to easily and quickly pick your next Face Scrub from the list of best Face Scrub in India. The best Face Scrub brands with the Face Scrub price list across all types of Face Scrub at your disposal to help you pick the most popular Face Scrub in a jiffy. With updated prices, discounts and offers you can be sure of not missing any latest deal or offer. Compare Face Scrub prices, features, specifications and pick your selected Face Scrub today using the best deals and offers. Using your customized permutation combinations you can shortlist the list to reach your choice of the latest and the best Face Scrub models, its easy to even drill down to the latest Face Scrub model or the best Face Scrub at lowest prices using these filters we provide.

What are Facial Scrubs? 

An imperative aspect of skin care is using the right products in the right step of your routine. Facial scrubs, are an essential product to use for your skin. They are essentially cream based but also comprise of exfoliating particles, which when massaging on your face, helps in intensively cleansing and making your skin smoother. 

Types of Face Scrubs available

Normal Skin:

This situation spoils one for choices. Since you don’t have to satisfy a specific skin type, you can focus on pure efficiency, so we recommend a scrub that pairs multiple buffing agent with ingredients that keep skin healthy. 

Dry Skin:

Dry skin situation really needs exfoliation, and therefore using a scrub becomes essential. Look for one with hydrating and natural ingredients.

Oily Skin:

This skin type needs a lot of care. There are two things to consider when cleansing oily skin: scrub deep and purify pores to prevent clogging and breakouts, but you also want to balance skin to cut down on oil production. 

Sensitive Skin:

Use scrubs which exfoliate with enzymes, which gently break down the bonds that hold dead cells together. Use it once weekly to start, and try testing it on a small patch of skin to see how your body reacts.
If You Have No Idea: A lot of us are not aware of our skin type, and that’s okay. If you don’t have the time or the energy to analyze your skin, we recommend using a mild scrub that’s made for versatility—specifically, one with a fine scrubbing agent and a blend of healing ingredients to combat any redness.  

How do face scrubs work?  

Using a facial scrub makes our skin feel beautiful, youthful, soft, and like it's glowing. Unlike a regular soap or cleanser, a facial scrub uses small particles, beads, or chemicals to get rid of the old skin cells and make way for new ones in a process known as exfoliation. The process is simple: to use a facial scrub, choose a natural or chemical scrub suited for your skin type, massage the scrub into damp skin for one minute, then rinse and moisturize your skin. Repeat once or twice a week. With all of its benefits, you should consider making a facial scrub a part of your weekly skin care routine.

Benefits of Face Scrubs-  

With increased pollution levels and exposure of our skin to various harmful rays, dead skin cells, dirt, and oil accumulate on the surface of your skin and this buildup leaves our complexion looking a little dull and even flaky. Exfoliating with a face scrub can remove this buildup, leaving our skin that feels clean and smooth and looks glowing. A face scrub can be a great skin care product to use prior to applying makeup. 

Top Face Scrubs brands-

Lakme Clean Up Pores Face Scrub:

This is an easily available and affordable product. With a green gel base featuring mini crystals, the face scrub gives a gentle exfoliating effect. It removes blackheads and whiteheads and clears out pores as well. It has a mild fragrance and good lather. It leaves you with a fresh feel. Regular use will also prevent pimples and acne.

VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub:

Tree Turmeric  / Indian Berberry, upon which the product is named – is used in Ayurveda and is known for its antibacterial and skin whitening/bleaching  properties. Papaya seed and Neem extracts are also major components of the face scrub. It exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. It has a pleasant and fruity fragrance and leaves your skin with a glow which lasts 2-3 days. 

Biotique Bio Papaya Smoothing And Revitalizing Scrub:

The main ingredient used in this scrub is Papaya, which is known for its revitalizing and healing benefits. Fruit facials and fruit scrubs are best for all skin types and these do not cause reactions like other chemical based products. This 100% herbal scrub as several therapeutic properties. Perfect for removing the dead skin cells and restore the sheen, making your skin soft, supple and smooth-textured.

Body Shop Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator:

As the name says, it has seaweed and it also contains jojoba beads which makes it a wonderful product to unclog pores instantly and clear your face. It is soap free and works great from oily to normal skin. It also help to get rid of blackheads and acne when used over time. Jojoba oil provides hydration to the skin and as such it does not dry the skin.

The Nature’s Co. Corn Exfoliating Face Pack:

With dual usage of a face pack and a face scrub, this product works just great. Its contains natural ingredients - Corn grits; Corn powder and Vegetable Glycerin. Highly advisable for those who have acne problems  as the vegetable glycerine has properties that will not increase the acne. It also works as an anti-aging product.

Top Online Retailers that sell Face Scrubs and other hair and skin care products

Why step out to shop when you can get all essential information and delivery at your doorstep? Browse through the array of products online on user-friendly platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. Online shopping for Face Scrubs can be an informative task as you can easily review products price list online, and make your choice of purchase by comparison and suitable needs. 


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